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Since the email is coming from your trusted source, your friends and family are more likely to open up the emails and click on the link, which can lead to advertisements, spyware and malware. members can put a shortcut icon on their desktop for quick and easy use of their calendar. Rebooting your i - Pad may take care of software glitches such as mail not sending. Mail allows you to select all emails and mark them as "read," but there can be a limit to that feature: You could only select all mail for the current…. During the setup process, you can choose whether to set up various extras such as a Yahoo. Multimedia messaging, or MMS, means you might be able to deliver and receive. How to Make Yahoo My Home Page on My Computer; How to Make yahoo mail login My Internet Home Page; Comments You May Also. Do this by double-clicking for the Yahoo Messenger icon or right-click on the icon and choose "Open" from.